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Masud temple #69 Scholarship


Nationwide - The new year is here, and it's time for students to get back to

work. This year, more than $50 billion dollars will be given away in

scholarships, and many of these programs have deadlines that are fast approaching.

Scholarships are free monetary gifts that can be used to pay for college

tuition, books, and boarding. Most scholarship programs require students to

excel in academics, sports, or in an essay competition.

Here they are top 10 scholarships with upcoming deadlines in January 2014:

#1 - The Tom Joyner Foundation "Full Ride" Scholarship awards a full

scholarship to one student to attend a Historically Black College and

University (HBCU). Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/12/tomjoyner-


#2 - The Burger King Scholars program is designed to help high-school

seniors who are looking to start college next year. Annually, the program

awards more than $1.4 million in scholarships to more than 1,000

students. Learn more atwww.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/03/burger-kingscholars-


#3 - The Gates Millennium Scholars Program (also known as the Bill

Gates Scholarship) awards scholarships each year to African American

students who plan to enroll full-time in a two-year or four-year college or

university program. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/08/thegates-


#4 - The Ron Brown Scholar Program provides scholarship awards to

African-American high school seniors who are excelling in their academics,

exhibiting exceptional leadership potential, and actively serving in community

service activities. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/04/ronbrown-


#5 - The Discover Card Tribute Award Scholarship Program is sponsored

by Discover Financial Services. The program recognizes students in their

junior year of high school who have demonstrated outstanding achievements

in their communities. Learn more

at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/07/discover-card-tribute-awardscholarship.


#6 - The National Black Law Student Association (NBLSA) provides four

scholarships each year to African-American students currently in law school.

Each applicant will be required to complete an essay on a topic that is related

to the specific scholarship for which they are applying. Learn more

at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2013/02/nblsa-national-black-law-studentassociation-


#7 - Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarships (RMHC) for African

American Future Achievers are awarded to eligible high school students with

high academic performance and community service as well as financial

need. Learn more at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/07/ronald-mcdonaldhouse-


#8 - The Talbots Scholarship Program awards one-time scholarships to

women who want to go back to school to earn their undergraduate degree

after graduating from high school or receiving their GED at least ten years

ago. Applicants must demonstrate financial need. Learn more

at www.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/11/the-talbots-scholarship-program.html

#9 - The Ronald Reagan College Leaders Scholarship Program awards

scholarships to college juniors and seniors who demonstrate leadership

qualities in support of freedom, American values and constitutional

principles. Learn more atwww.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/08/ronald-reagancollege-


#10 - The NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program is open to both

undergraduate and graduate students pursuing a career in the field of

aeronautics. It is a renewable scholarship for U.S. citizens and nationals.

Learn more atwww.scholarshipsonline.org/2012/09/nasa-aeronauticsscholarship-


To search hundreds of other 2014 scholars visit http://www.scholarshipsonline.org/.

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