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Noble Peter Pilgrim, 33° 
Illustrious Potentate

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Home page of Masud Temple #69. I hope you will find your visit here informative and educational. We, the Nobles of Masud Temple #69, are committed to making a positive change in our local community with our Mentoring Program, Youth Group, Voters Registration and National Diabetes Initiative  and we are happy to share that information with you. Please come back and visit our site as it is updated regularly with new pictures and upcoming events.

Enjoy your visit,

Aleikum Es Salaam,
Noble Peter Pilgrim
Illustrious Potentate
Masud Temple # 69
Oasis of West Palm Beach

2018 Desert Conference/Gala Day 

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on May 30 through June 3.

HPIP Billy McLamb

Desert of Florida

Someday We'll All Be Free
Donnie Hathaway (A)

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