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Judge Gathers Mentor Hours

Noble Judge Matthew Stevenson, 33° of A.E.O.N.M.S. Masud Temple #69, accumulates mentor hours when he assists the pre-law magnet program at Palm Beach Lakes High to observe court and after court several of the judges stayed on to talk with the students. This may be a good thing to send to Pyramid magazine or our website to show outside activities of Masud Temple members. The Center for Pre-Law program was established for students who are interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer. However, this magnet is not limited to those interested in law. Courses are geared towards many careers in the legal field, including law enforcement, attorneys and elected officials, and are well versed. Students not only take rigorous courses, but also participate in realistic court situations in the school's mock trial room. Requirements to join the program include having a 2.5 on a 4.0 GPA scale and obtaining three positive teacher recommendations.

Many law schools do not require that you major in Pre-Law. If you major in English, say, or history, you’ll still be on the right track. Crucial to a Pre-Law major are critical reading, writing, and thinking skills. After all, as a lawyer, your job will require drafting cogent arguments and solutions to problems, then communicating those arguments and solutions effectively to persuade and convince a judge or jury. With a Pre-Law major, you’ll be taking courses dealing with crime, government, and international issues, but most of your study will consist of courses in the humanities and social sciences. Your education will give you perspectives on human nature, skills in oral and written communication, and the knowledge you’ll need to be a careful and creative thinker.

Pre-Law major will give you the opportunity to take courses in many different disciplines. Political science, anthropology, psychology, government, English, logic, philosophy, and history are only a few of the possibilities. You’ll be encouraged to take math and science courses as well. You’ll have to unravel quantitative mysteries as a lawyer, too. Your chances of being accepted into a good law school will be greatly improved if you can demonstrate knowledge in many areas. Knowledge of a foreign language will also give you an edge in our increasingly international culture.

Judge Noble Matthew Stevenson

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