MASUD TEMPLE #69                                                                                                                                                                                               A.E.A.O.N.M.S Oasis of West Palm Beach Desert of Florida P.H.A












 Desert of Florida P.H.A   


GALA DAY AWARDS - West Palm Beach, FL


Masud Temple No. 69 Concludes 


Masud Temple #69  hosted the A.E.A.O.N.M.S. Desert of Florida annual event in beautiful West Palm Beach, FL. The event was a resounding success! Nobles from across the Desert of Florida poured in to capture the essence of what the local temple had to offer. The Nobles of Masud Temple # 69 worked arduously to produce one of the finest events in recent memory.  Several hundred Nobles participated in a myriad of activities presented by the local chapter and went away with memories that will endure for decades. "We expected nothing less" noted one Past Potentate. The Daughters of Masud Court #71 deployed a herculean effort as well.  "Each event was planned to be a satisfying experience and the Nobles invested time and effort towards the overall vision", noted Potentate Andrew Wallace.  During the first six months of this year the Temple as a whole have donated thousands of charity hours, $500.00 to NDI, $500.00 to the Urban League, $500,00 to Cross Ministries and with the help of the DOF $500.00 to the Face it Foundation. Nobles again I thank you for a Masud Style effort. Please visit the video and photo gallery to see more of what you may have missed.! We have much to share in Masud fashion with an extraordinary flair!  

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Illustrious Potentate
Noble Andrew Wallace, 32°

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the Home page of Masud Temple #69. I hope you will find your visit here informative and educational. We, the Nobles of Masud Temple #69, are committed to making a positive change in our local community with our Mentoring Program, Youth Group, Voters Registration and National Diabetes Initiative  and we are happy to share that information with you. Please come back and visit our site as it is updated regularly with new pictures and upcoming events.
Enjoy your visit,

Aleikum Es Salaam,
Noble Andrew Wallace
Illustrious Potentate
Masud Temple # 69

Oasis of West Palm Beach